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Tools for Improving the Gas Mileage of Modern Cars

The majority of today’s automobiles have electronic dashboards, which means that the odometers in these vehicles do not save the mileage that has been driven; rather, they display readings that are retrieved from the onboard electronic control unit’s memory. This design protects the storage system from unauthorized modifications to the mileage.

However, this does imply that specialized equipment is required to make permitted adjustments to a vehicle’s mileage. Ecutools provides customers with access to dependable tools capable of making alterations to the mileage value.

When Is It Appropriate to Use Equipment Designed to Correct Odometers?

It is against the law in most countries to make arbitrary changes to odometer readings. This is because prospective purchasers of the vehicle would, in most situations, use the mileage readings to judge the wear and tear and, ultimately, the cost of the automobile. However, the figures shown may not always correspond to the actual wear of the car’s systems. When this occurs, the readings from the odometer may and should be adjusted so that more accurate information about the vehicle’s condition can be provided. Cases like this include the following:

Problem with the ECU, the dashboard, or the wheel rotations sensor

Repair the vehicle or replace the engine with a brand-new one.

Extended use of either worn out tires or of a custom diameter

When importing an automobile into a nation that uses a different measurement system, it is necessary to do a kilometers-to-miles conversion for odometers that do not show the units in which the vehicle’s mileage is shown.

Protracted diagnostics are performed on specialized stands and/or test tracks to reduce the amount of wear and tear on the vehicle.

Equipment Commonly Used for Improving the Accuracy of Readings Obtained from Electronic Odometers and Saved in the Memory of the ECU

Different odometer correction tools all function according to the same concept, which is to obtain access to the memory of the ECU to rewrite the value of the mileage that is now recorded in the memory. The following tools get the greatest amount of usage when it comes to odometer correction:

M & M&D Flasher is a software-only solution for a modular design capable of rewriting various sections of the ECU’s memory. Chip-tuning is another use that’s possible with this technology. The price of the M&D Flasher basic version, which does not include any modules that provide support for other ECU models, is only 28 dollars. In comparison, the price of the complete edition of this helpful utility is 4,507 dollars. Please be aware that to implement this solution, you will need to use an adapter manufactured by a third party and is compatible with the vehicle’s OBD port and data transmission protocol.

CAN Filter is a solution that is utilized to make live modifications to signals sent between the ECU and the vehicle’s sensors. This device can give live odometer correction for situations in which the mileage inaccuracy is made worse each time the automobile is utilized (i.e., when custom tires are used). This handy instrument is available for only ninety dollars. Tools unique to a certain company, such as Fordometers and Mazdameters.

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